Ancient Sauna Discovered in England

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Move over Stonehenge – aerial surveys of Yorkshire, England have turned up an ancient “wood” pit that may have been used as a sauna.

A dig has been taking place at the henge’s private location in Little Catwick Quarry. If this quarry name sounds familiar, it is because past archaeological digs in this same area turned up discoveries of a polished Cumbrian axe and a mammoth tusk, both dated to 4000 to 5000 years old.

This new “woodhenge” is a circular monument, complete with stones that look to have been heavily burned. While early reports indicated the area could have been home to ritual cremations, others have noted it mirrors similar ancient saunas unearthed in Scotland’s Orkney Islands and in Finland.

In our books, this is yet another amazing discovery and proof the practice of sauna and hot tubbing has long history.



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