Why You Need a Pool Cover

why i need a pool coverConsider your pool an essential addition to your backyard oasis. You’ve invested in a wonderful patio, a fire pit crackling under the sun set, and a crystal clear pool perfect for sunny days. You may not have many trees in your backyard, or find it a hassle to cover the pool after use, so why exactly do you need one?

Obviously, pool covers are essential for keeping debris away from the sparkling blue water. You may not have trees, but a sudden gust of wind can bring unwanted debris from your garden or neighbour’s backyard into your well maintained pool.

If you are managing your pool budget, consider skipping the inflatable pool bar and instead enjoy the practical benefits of a high quality pool cover.

Having a pool cover slows down evaporation, which in turn saves your money. Here are some of the economical perks to having a pool cover:

  • Save money on chemicals. You don’t need to use as many pool chemicals if you have a high quality pool cover.  You can expect to have chemical consumption reduced by 35 – 60 % if you keep your pool covered.
  • Save money on heat. Covering your pool at night helps to keep the water heated, by not allowing the heat to escape. If your family relies on sun to warm your pool, this is especially important! Ensure that all of that great sun energy does not escape and go to waste.
  • Save money on water. When the water cannot evaporate as quickly, it means more savings for you. You can also enjoy the time you save from not having to fill your pool as often.
  • Save time. Vacuuming is a chore, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Having a pool cover prevents you from wasting time vacuuming the bottom of the pool to get rid of excess twigs and leaves that have managed to find their way into your pool.

Pool covers are easy to use, and provide a myriad of benefits. If you do not like the idea of having to cover your pool every night, consider an automatic track cover.  No matter what kind of pool cover you have, you will enjoy the benefits of spending more time enjoying your pool, and less time on tedious maintenance.

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