Spring Cleaning Should Include Your Hot Tub

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Spring Cleaning Your Hot Tub and Spa

Spring cleaning season is in full swing. As you make your way around your home and yard, take a few minutes to inspect your hot tub and cover. It was a long, hard winter – and you want to make sure everything is in tip top shape!

Hot Tub & Spa Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning your hot tub or spa is like anything else. Do a top to bottom inspection, looking for damage to the shell, cabinet and hot tub cover. Check to ensure any accessible panels are still fully secured. You may also wish to complete a purge, to clean out the plumbing lines; a vacuum or drain, a shell clean and a fresh-water refill; a filter cleaning or replacement; and finally, a hot tub cover cleaning and application of a vinyl protector (like 303 Aerospace).

When in doubt about proper hot tub cleaning methods, we urge you to review your owners manual or connect with a local swimming pool and spa retailer or cleaning service.

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