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  • Hot tub emergency check-list

    Jul 29, 13 • SafetyNo Comments
    Hot tub emergency check-list

    We hope we never experience one, but we need to be prepared for emergencies around the hot tub. Hot tub and pool owners know the importance of emergency preparedness. But do they have everything they need? Here is a check-list of everything you need to prepare for a hot tub crisis: First Aid Kit: Band
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  • Emergency Hot Tub Water

    Jun 17, 11 • WaterNo Comments
    Emergency Hot Tub Water

    OK.  So it’s emergency time.  You’ve been without water in your house for several hours already.  Can you use the water in your hot tub? Emergency Preparedness Canada recommends: “Aim to have an emergency survival kit that will keep you and your family self-sufficient in your home for at least three days.” The US Federal
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