Hot Tubbing in the High Heat

Summer in Canada is short and sweet, which is why most of us jump for joy when the going gets hot. After all, while we might complain about the high heat and humidity, we also recognize winter is always lurking just around the corner.

In the Ontario region, this has been an unusually hot summer. In fact, the persistent heat wave in Eastern Canada smashed long-standing records, with many people hoping for some much needed rain and cooler temperatures. Which lead us to talking around the Hot Tub Covers Canada office about ways to use the hot tub, even during the lazy days of summer.

Hot Tubbing & the Summer Remix

No one wants to go jumping into a “hot” tub when the air is already hot and humid. In fact for some people, soaking in a hot tub during a heatwave could prove deadly. Which is why our team loves to mix it up during the summer months. Here are some of the popular suggestions from the HTCC crew:

Gord likes to lower the temperature of his hot tub. Anything lower than body temperature makes for a refreshing dip. The catch is some hot tubs can take days to cool down, thanks to quality designs and hot tub cover insulation efficiencies. If you find yourself in this position, never fear. Something as simple as adding a few inches of cold water from your garden hose can make all the difference. Just remember to check your chemical levels or saltwater chlorinator indicator to ensure the water quality is on par.

Andrea is a runner and if there is one thing she has learned: don’t jump into the hot tub until your body has had a change to re-regulate itself. She also suggests that a cool, post-run rinse off (be it by garden hose or shower) is perfect for removing any excess sunscreen and sweat!

Finally, everyone agreed that staying hydrated was the most important element of a summer soak. This went for lounging around in the cool water hot tub or the swimming pool. Not matter what your preferred back yard retreat, a refreshing drink goes a long way. Be sure to check out our favourite fruit infusions, which we recently shared on the blog.

From all of us at Hot Tub Covers Canada, enjoy the Civic Holiday long weekend. Stay cool, stay hydrated and happy soaking!!

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