Hot Tub Rage

Most of us at one time or another have experienced road rage, but hot tub rage?

Apparently the phenomenon exists. It turns out that it’s the people without the hot tubs that are experiencing it, not the hot tub owners. No it’s not because the have-nots are jealous (well maybe a little bit), it has to due with how the hot tub owners behave.

Let’s have a quick look at hot tub etiquette. If you’re a hot tub owner with neighbours living close by, you might be want to read on to be sure you’re not overly annoying the people around you.

So what are the hot tub-less people upset about? Mostly it’s the noise. Apparently the constant bubbling sound is driving some neighbours nuts. Not only that but there’s the noise of the hot tub parties as well.

Loud music and grown adults splashing around, screaming like giddy children tops the list of complaints.

Hot tubs may be great fun, but remember to be courteous to those living around you. Your hot tub shouldn’t make much noise if it is properly secured to rubber, shock absorbing mounts. The hot tub’s computer can also probably be set up so the filtration schedule doesn’t always run at night time when people are trying to sleep.

If you have a hot tub party, try to wrap things up at a reasonable hour. If you do go late into the night, keep your music down, or off past 10 pm, and try to get your guests to restrain from making too much racket.

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11 years ago

Nice post! I really enjoyed reading!

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