Harnois Hot Tub Shelter

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A couple of Hot Tub Covers Canada followers have reached out via Facebook, asking us if we’ve heard reviews about the Harnois Hot Tub Shelter.

harnois hot tub shelterFrom what we can find on the Harnois website, this Canadian company has been crafting durable shelters since 1978.  When it comes to protecting your hot tub or spa, the Harnois Spa Shelter offers a private, protected shade suitable for 4 season use.  For those who avoid soaking in the rain or snow, this shelter would be an ideal alternative to winterizing your hot tub or spa.  It should also be noted you do not have to remove the shelter come spring or summer, as it does boast a skylight.  However, for die-hard hot tubbers, we suspect you would likely want to remove the shelter for the prime seasons.


Do you have your hot tub protected with a Harnois Shelter?  If so, tell us about your experiences and whether you are using the enclosure all year round or just during the harsh winter months.

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