Five reasons why hot tub owners love fall

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It’s hard not to love fall. From changing leaves to Pumpkin Spice lattes, fall has something for everyone. But no one loves fall more than hot tub owners. Why? Here are five reasons:

Cooler nights

Summer nights in the hot tub are nice, but can be a little too hot. Winter nights in the hot tub are better, except for the trip from the house to the hot tub… Brrrr. Cool fall nights in the hot tub are just right.

During the fall, the temperature dips to a near perfect medium between hot and cold, making for wonderful hot tub weather.

Earlier nights

Every hot tub owner knows there is nothing better than a late-night dip in the hot tub. Not only are the fall nights cooler, they are longer. With the sun setting earlier, you can enjoy an evening in your hot tub under the stars a little earlier than before.

Changing leaves

Regardless of whether or not you own a hot tub, fall leaves are beautiful. But the view from your hot tub becomes much better when you add some orange, yellow and red. Don’t you think?

Back to routine

Ok, the summer was crazy. The kids were at camp, you had to drive them to soccer and you spent weeks away on vacation. None of this is bad, but it makes for less hot tub time.

Now that the kids are back in school, you can get back into normal routine. This means you can make more time for you and your hot tub.

Kids at school

Not that you don’t enjoy spending time in the hot tub with your kids. But it’s not easy to relax when they treat the hot tub like a pool or a big bath tub… toys included. It’s important to make time for you.

With the kids at school, or doing homework at night, you can make more alone time in your hot tub. This is how you can unwind.

They may be simple pleasures, but these things make fall a wonderful time for hot tub owners.

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