Hot tub lightshow!

beautiful indoor spa lighting ideasHot tub lighting has come a long way in the world of spa and hot tub accessories.
Today’s hot tub owners can enhance their home spa with multi-colour, pulsating light displays guaranteed to impress. And they can also feel good about today’s LED lights, which boast much higher energy efficiency than yesterday’s bulbs.

Many manufacturers offer multi-coloured lighting in the tub – and all around the tub area for extra ambiance. Lighting is becoming more than a spa accessory – in many cases, enhanced lighting is becoming standard!

Picture a night-time spa lit up in different colours. Blue, green and red seem to be popular these days, but you can choose other colours as well. Add pulsating features and various timing patterns, and you can truly mount an impressive light show to go with your hot tub.

Go bright, rainbow-inspired and sparkling for a party, or mellow and subdued for quieter, more intimate moments. Enjoying the right lighting is now a major way to enhance your guests’ experience. Lift the hot tub cover, set the lights and temperatures, and dazzle your friends!

The other big change these days is the move to LED lights. Most LED bulbs will fit in tubs built after the early 1990s.

LED bulbs are much, much cheaper to run and can last around 5-10 years, far longer than older bulbs. And they come in all colours, so you can combine both lighting improvements to take your home spa to the next level.

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