Solar Pool Cover Benefits

solar pool cover benefitsSolar pool cover benefits are the talk amongst residential pool owners.  After all, the Government of Canada estimates energy costs to rise 38-42% over the next five years.  While interior heating and cooling make up the largest portion of hydro usage in a home, the third largest consumption rate comes from a pool pump.  In an effort to save homeowners from mounting bills, pool manufacturers are urging consumers to explore cost saving measures.  Let us explore why so many people are touting solar pool cover benefits as the key to energy savings.

The single largest source of energy loss in a swimming pools is through evaporation, convection and thermal radiation.  By using a solar blanket on either indoor and outdoor, above ground or in ground pools, the evaporation rate can be reduced by 30-50%.

You can save money with a pool cover by preventing overnight heat loss.  It is estimated the average residential pool heating costs can be reduced by 50-70% by simply using a solar blanket at night.  Even pool owners using solar panels to heat their pool are recommended to invest in a solar blanket.

Solar pool cover blankets have an unsung advantage.  By keeping debris from entering the pool water, the pool filtering and cleaning systems see a reduction in workload.  Outside of the energy savings, a blanket can result in less costly repairs or replacements.

Keep in mind like all pool equipment, a solar cover is designed to withstand 3-5 years of use.  Water chemical composition can have an impact, and high chlorine levels can cause premature deterioration.  Each spring and summer, check your aging blankets for cracks, tears or holes.  When damage is apparent, invest in a quality replacement.  From the reduction in overnight heat loss, evaporation, and chemical usage, the cost-savings ratio is easily justified.

As noted under equipment, a solar blanket or traditional pool cover is designed to reduce debris from entering the pool water.  By blocking leaves, dirt and other particulates from the surface, pool owners will spend less time skimming, sweeping or scooping.  It also ensures your major equipment components are not working harder than necessary.

Much like rising energy costs, pool chemicals have steadily gone up in price over the last 5 years.  By keeping your pool’s water balanced, you can extend the life of your solar blanket and also reduce strain on the pool pump and filtering systems.  Ultimately a solar blanket can reduce the use of chemical applications by 35-60%, depending on your region and weather conditions.   

solar pool cover benefitsIt is amazing how a simple solar blanket can help pool owners reduce their energy usage and expenditures dramatically.  Why not help yourself to the savings, and explore the various solar blankets Sun Covers Canada produces.  From the Silver Pool Cover to the Platinum Pool Cover, we have an option to suit every pool and budget.

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