A few Pros, many Cons – buying a used hot tub cover

Buying used can be a great way to get what you need and still save some money. It makes a ton of sense for all sorts of things – from major purchases like cars to smaller ones like bikes.

But buying used may not be the best option for some things. Hot tubs and hot tub covers are often “one of those things”. Of course, we sell new ones, so take everything we say on the subject with the appropriate grain of salt!

It is true that you can find what seem to be good deals on used tubs, covers and equipment. And it’s also true that you can find almost anything used in good condition – it’s especially easy today with web-based services like Kijiji and Craigslist.

Finding a used hot tub cover is possible, too – and you might succeed in finding one in good condition. But with hot tub covers, you can only see some of the cover’s wear and tear.
The specs of any given hot tub cover will differ. Better ones have a thicker vapour barrier to keep moisture away from the cover’s foam core. They’ll have different thicknesses and better materials depending on their quality. The seller of the used cover won’t always know these kinds of details, and you may not be able to really gauge the cover’s water-tightness and heat-effectiveness until you’re actually using it yourself.

Another key consideration is the notion of saving a penny, but spending a pound later. It’s hard to find the higher quality covers “previously owned”. Generally speaking, buying used means buying again in the near future.

Buying new is a better way to assure yourself you are buying quality – with the custom specs you want for your investment, along with the original manufacturer’s warranty, which should be a serious consideration. You want to extend the life of your cover and your spa for as long as possible.

Every cover from Hot Tub Covers Canada is shipped with a 7-year limited warranty.

If you still want to buy used, here are some things to watch for:

  • Signs of wear around the hinge-fold
  • A heavy cover is a waterlogged cover
  • Check the locks and handles
  • Mildew? Mould? Stay away
  • Faded by the sun, or otherwise damaged?

Got any stories about buying used covers? Please share them with us!

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