How’s this for an outdoor pool?

Outdoor swimming pools in Canada are a popular way for the entire family to enjoy the back yard and bask in the soaring summer temperatures. There are always a few risks associated with swimming, which typically include avoidable dangers such as not knowing how to swim, or swimming without adult supervision.

But what about slipping into a pool of water that boasted a larger-than-life risk?

Say hello to the Devil’s Swimming Pool, located on top of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

The Devil’s Swimming Pool is not for those that are faint at heart or afraid of heights. This natural “pool” is truly a wonder of nature. Tourists hike through Livingstone Island and are then guided to the edge of Victoria Falls, where they can comfortably wade a couple feet away from a grueling 108 m. plummet .
This “pool” is able to keep tourists from being swept away by the powerful waterfall between September and December, when the water flow is at an ideal level. A naturally occurring rock barrier at the very edge of the waterfall creates a small, calm pool with no current at the edge of the thunderous waterfall.

We certainly love pools, but would prefer a quiet backyard pool with some Muskoka chairs near by. Would you swim in the Devil’s Pool?

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