It’s Getting Hot and Steamy on the Bachelor Canada

Bachelor Brad Smith has been wooing Canadian women for some time now. With the series premiere occurring last month, viewers have been introduced to charming, unique, dramatic, and funny women. Obvious favourites have certainly formed, both for the viewers, and for Brad.

In a recent episode, Brad surprised the ladies with a group date to Mexico. We saw the girls interacting with under privileged children, interacting with Brad, and interacting with each other.

The group date concluded with everybody enjoying each other’s company while pool side at a swanky hotel.

With champagne in hand, bikinis on display, and giddy smiles, it was clear that the hot tub was an essential component for Brad’s romantic interaction with each woman.

Not to mention, the ladies were quite eager to encourage Brad to take his shirt off as soon as the hot tub was in sight. Luckily, Brad had prepared for these televised, inevitable hot tub moments.

“You’re not going into a hot tub with your shirt on.” the Bachelor used to tell himself when preparing to be on the Canadian version on the hit dating show.

Is it just us, or does there seem to be a lot more smiles, and a lot less drama when everybody’s enjoying a hot tub?

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