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  • Hot Spring Sightseeing

    Oct 29, 12 • General Interest, TravelNo Comments
    Hot Spring Sightseeing

    All hot springs contain loads of dissolved minerals but not all hot springs are fit for human bathing, many of them have temperatures which are far too hot. Those dissolved minerals however can create all kinds of interesting effects, and sometimes just viewing a hot spring can be fantastic. Have a look at some of
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  • The Science of Hot Springs

    Sep 24, 12 • Hot Tub Education, Travel2 Comments
    The Science of Hot Springs

    Some countries naturally come to mind when you think of natural hot springs and/or geysers. Japan, Iceland and New Zealand are all small countries which seem to have more than their fair share of hot springs. But why? Having a plethora of thermal water sources might look like a blessing at first glance, but they
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