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  • Advancements in Hot Tubs

    Sep 1, 19 • Hot TubsNo Comments
    Advancements in Hot Tubs

    Hot tubs certainly have changed over the years. We’re just surprised the author didn’t try the saltwater chlorinator option – it’s much easier on the eyes, skin… and nose! Originally Posted on the Chronicle Herald  Hot tubs have come a long way in the last 15 years I officially broke down and bought a hot
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  • Save Money with Saltwater Chlorination

    Sep 5, 18 • Saltwater SpasNo Comments
    Save Money with Saltwater Chlorination

    Want to save money? Compared with traditional swimming pool or hot tub chlorination, a salt water system can save you more than 50% in typical chlorine costs. In addition, you can save time on weekly maintenance and the associated work with managing and mixing chemicals. What Is A Saltwater Chlorine Generator? A saltwater chlorine generator,
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  • Salt water vs. chlorine hot tubs

    Jan 7, 14 • Eco-friendlyNo Comments
    Salt water vs. chlorine hot tubs

    For years, we have used chlorine to clean our hot tubs. But recently, salt has begun to replace chlorine as a sanitization tool. You can learn more about salt water options for hot tubs in our blog post on using salt in your hot tub. If you’re mulling over whether or not to make the
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