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  • Water Safety

    May 29, 14 • Hot Tubs, Pools, SafetyNo Comments
    Water Safety

    Warmer weather brings reminders about water safety. Keep your family, friends, children and pets safe by adhering to these three basic pool and hot tub safety tips. Supervision The number one water safety tip involves children. Never, ever leave a child or children in or near a hot tub or pool without supervision. Infants and
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  • Apply Sunscreen

    May 23, 14 • Health, Hot Tubs, Pools, SafetyNo Comments
    Apply Sunscreen

    It is time to be sun smart, and apply sunscreen. As you start to spend days relaxing in or around your pool and hot tub, the sun and its ultraviolet rays are penetrating the first and second layers your skin. In order to decrease the risk of skin cancer and early signs of aging, it
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  • Swimming Pool Myths

    Swimming Pool Myths

    Spend any time poolside, and you will invariably encounter talk of swimming pool myths.  It would seem five aquatic legends have been passed along season after season.  Instead of buying into the lore, Sun Covers Canada believes is it time to set the facts straight. Swimming Pool Myth #5: Swimming is not good for children
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  • Swim Spas

    Apr 17, 14 • Eco-friendly, Health, Hot Tubs, PoolsNo Comments
    Swim Spas

    From growing families to elite athletes, pool and spa companies are seeing increased demand for swim spas.  Also known as spool pools, the swim spa is an innovative blend of pool and hot tub. Equipped with jets, swim spas are able to create a strong, resistant swim current.  Upgraded models can even include jets to
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  • Solar Pool Cover Benefits

    Apr 4, 14 • Heating, Pools, Solar BlanketsNo Comments
    Solar Pool Cover Benefits

    Solar pool cover benefits are the talk amongst residential pool owners.  After all, the Government of Canada estimates energy costs to rise 38-42% over the next five years.  While interior heating and cooling make up the largest portion of hydro usage in a home, the third largest consumption rate comes from a pool pump.  In
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  • Swimming Pool Terminology

    Swimming Pool Terminology

    As we count down to the first day of spring, the team at Sun Covers Canada thought a list of swimming pool terminology might prove useful. While it may not be all encompassing, our list provides a wealth of information on most words encountered during the Canadian pool operating season. AIR-RELIEF VALVE: A manually-operated brass
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  • Preparing For Spring Opening

    Preparing For Spring Opening

    After the long, harsh winter, Canadian pool owners are anxiously preparing for spring opening.  To get a jump on the often-times daunting process, we asked Sun Cover Canada readers to share their experiences, insight and tips. Preparing For Spring Opening – Inspection Inspect all your pool equipment.  Parts with obvious signs of breakage, wear, tear
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  • Winterized Pool Cover Maintenance

    Feb 19, 14 • Pool Maintenance, Pools, SafetyNo Comments
    Winterized Pool Cover Maintenance

    The key to successful winterized pool cover maintenance stems from a properly installed pool cover. During the fall closing, your winterized pool cover should have been pulled taut over the water surface.  If secured correctly, the cover is designed to withstand substantial weight from snow and ice.  In years with abundant accumulation, pool owners report
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  • Use your pool to stay in shape

    Jun 6, 13 • Health, PoolsNo Comments
    Use your pool to stay in shape

    Your pool is more than a relaxation spot, it can help you get fit and live healthier this summer. Everyone knows how to use a pool to stay in shape, but it’s hard to find the motivation. Whether you haven’t swam laps since you were a child, or you are recovering from injury, this will
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  • Water safety tips

    May 8, 13 • Hot Tubs, Pools, SafetyNo Comments
    Water safety tips

    Whether you have a pool or hot tub, you need to be aware of proper safety around water to prevent accidents. In order to make your water time an enjoyable experience, keep these safety tips in mind: Never leave children alone near the pool or hot tub This may seem obvious, but sometimes turning your
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