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  • CDC Warns of Parasite Cryptosporidium

    Jun 26, 15 • Health, Hot Tubs, PoolsNo Comments
    CDC Warns of Parasite Cryptosporidium

    The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report this week, which noted an increase in parasitic outbreaks related to treated swimming pools and hot tubs.  The hardy parasite found in fecal matter, cryptosporidium, causes severe cases of diarrhea.  Since the CDC first reported an outbreak in 1988, the number of cases has
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  • Battling Depression with a Hot Tub

    Jun 25, 15 • HealthNo Comments
    Battling Depression with a Hot Tub

    Over 10% of North Americans suffer from depression.  While treatable via therapy and medication, the costs can add up.  As an alternative to traditional treatments, medical professionals are exploring the use of hot tub therapy to alleviate or ward off depression. Releasing Endorphins It turns out soaking in a heated hot tub releases an “endorphin rush“.  Endorphins
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  • Hot Tub Foam

    Mar 31, 15 • Entertaining, Health, Hot TubsNo Comments
    Hot Tub Foam

    Ask any kid, and you will quickly discover the best bath time treat is a tub overflowing with sudsy bubbles. Sadly, this same phenomenon is very undesirable to the hot tub owner. If you are experiencing hot tub foam after your jets shut off, it is time to source and eliminate the build-up. Hair Products
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  • Lose Weight With Your Hot Tub

    Mar 12, 15 • Health, Hot TubsNo Comments
    Lose Weight With Your Hot Tub

    Men and women are under increased pressure to look good and stay fit, so it should come as no surprise people are turning to hot tubs in the quest to lose weight. While some may view this as another weight loss fad, there are a few potential ways to shed unwanted pounds with the help
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  • Hot Tubs Help Fight Sleep Disorders

    Hot Tubs Help Fight Sleep Disorders

    Sleep disorders are on the rise, and with it comes unsettling changes in attitude and performance.  From overall grogginess to mood swings, slower mental acuity, lapses in memory, frayed nerves and depression, a lack of sleep affects not only an individual but their family, friends and peers. Surveys completed in recent years illustrate the desire
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  • Winter Hot Tubbing

    Jan 12, 15 • HealthNo Comments
    Winter Hot Tubbing

    Rainy weather, snowy days. When the weather changes, we instinctively let ourselves become inactive. It is an innate reaction as our bodies seek out ways to keep warm. Sadly, this natural behavior is harmful to our mind and muscles. When you drive home in the pouring rain or on snow covered streets, you inherently strain
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  • Winter Hot Tub Therapy

    Dec 31, 14 • Health, Hot TubsNo Comments
    Winter Hot Tub Therapy

    In Canada, we can count on four seasons. Spring, summer and fall typically disappear in the blink of an eye, whereas winter tends to be long, cold and dreary. What better way to break up the doldrums of winter than jumping into your backyard hot tub or spa. Winter hot tub therapy is the perfect
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  • Hot Tub Watsu

    Nov 14, 14 • Health, Hot TubsNo Comments
    Hot Tub Watsu

    Watsu is a form of traditional Japanese Shiatsu finger-pressure massage, which is applied to the chi. Chi can be best described as our body’s energy channels. Customarily performed by skilled practitioners in a warm tub of water or in a hot tub, Watsu enhances Shiatsu stretches and movement, proffering feelings of supreme well-being and total
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  • Hot Tub Aromatherapy

    Hot Tub Aromatherapy

    The most sought after enhancements in the hot tub industry have little to do with bubbling jets or water features. Instead, they appeal to our basic need for soothing visual and olfactory comfort. From light shows to music, the biggest trend surfacing at home shows across Canada is hot tub aromatherapy. For thousands of years,
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  • Biofilm


    “Hot Tubs are Gross”, “Brown Sludge Hot Tubs”, “Covered in Biofilm Germs”.  Recent media coverage has drawn attention to the importance of cleaning your hot tub on a regular basis.  The news stories made hot tubs look like abominable bodies of water, overloaded with sanitizing chemicals.  Several reports kept addressing biofilm, without explaining specifics.  To
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