What to do with old hot tubs and hot tub covers?

outdoor pondHas your old hot tub finally given up the ghost? Has your hot tub cover been stepped on one too many times? What now? What on earth can you do with that old hot tub or hot tub cover?

Never fear, we are here to help you out with some creative ideas for transforming them into something fabulous!

Old Hot Tubs:
With a bit of elbow grease, an old hot tub can be turned into an in-ground or above-ground water feature. For an in-ground feature, just remove the hot-tub shell from the casing, and disconnect the pump. Dig a big hole, and put the hot tub shell in it (you may want to get a few friends to help you out with this part!). It’s important to make sure that the shell is level, or your pond may look a bit higgledy-piggledy once it’s filled with water! You’ll need to get a proper pond-liner, and a pump and filtration system. Next comes the fun part. Landscape the area around your new pond, and add plants, fish and maybe even the brightest plastic flamingo you can find.

Be creative, and make all your neighbours jealous. Want to save yourself some work? How about an above-ground feature instead? Just leave the hot tub in its housing, and leave the shovel in the garage.

Old Hot Tub Covers:
Now that you’ve turned your old hot tub into a beautiful pond, what can you do with your old hot tub cover? This one is a little trickier. One option is to take it apart and use the foam for floating purposes.

It can be used to transport something across water, or if you have an adventurous young person around, they to make a homemade boogie board.

Creative do-it-yourselfers can also use the foam in hot tub covers for insulation, and the waterproof cover for something else around the yard. Perhaps to shelter bikes, your barbeque, or some outdoor equipment that would normally be exposed to the elements during the winter months.

**Remember that we aren’t landscaping experts! We recommend you consult a landscaper or a company that specializes in ponds before you start tearing up the lawn (especially if your significant other is averse to the idea of a mud pit in the front yard!)

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